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  • Lost and Found: Ricky Williams

    published Jun 18, 2007

    Our latest writer is looking for Ricky Williams, whom she describes as a "blind pianist." Her husband, now deceased, used to play guitar in a band with him in the Nineties. Any tips can be sent to me... More >>

  • Lost and Found: 'Live at the Square'

    published Jun 14, 2007

    This next letter is about the hallowed, now defunct Miami rock venue, Washington Square. "I used to live in Miami around 93/94, and I use to go see shows at the Square. I had the live disc, I was won... More >>

  • Lost and Found: Mike Barra

    published Jun 14, 2007

    I've gotten a few messages recently from people trying to track down musicians, friends, etc from the South Florida music scene. Hence, a new public service of this blog ... If you're looking for a ... More >>

  • Mika

    published June 14, 2007

    Only a city like London could produce a pop artist like Mika, and only in England could he become a bona fide chart star. Bless our onetime... More >>

  • DJ Mix: Electric Porkchop - 'Sloppy Beats'

    published Jun 12, 2007

    "Electric Porkchop is a fluctuating DJ collective that plays everything under the sun in varying configurations. I cover mostly dub, breaks, house and techno, and other members mix in hip hop, funk, s... More >>

  • Los Tigres del Norte

    published June 7, 2007

    The average unsuspecting gringo has no idea: Across Latin America, Los Tigres del Norte are huge, regularly selling out stadiums of more than... More >>

  • David Koller and Band

    published May 31, 2007

    Let's face it: The two countries that formerly composed Czechoslovakia barely register a blip on the South Florida radar. Asked to name a modern... More >>

  • Revolver's 8.5 Year Anniversary with Flosstradamus, Matt and Kim, and the Stone Figs

    published May 17, 2007

    Since its modest beginnings, the Friday-night party Revolver has become a weathervane of the latest in underground/indie/whatever (all contentious... More >>

  • Truthier Than Thou

    published May 17, 2007

    The guys of Underoath love Jesus, make no bones about it, and want you to know that. But the St. Petersburg-based quintet isn't about that... More >>

  • This Is Not Spinal Tap

    published April 12, 2007

    The hard-rocking members of Torche have been back in South Florida for two weeks or so, and they've been filling their time with decidedly softer... More >>

  • The Hometown Discount

    published March 29, 2007

    Deyson Rodriguez, a.k.a hip-hop MC Soarse Spoken, has rocked thousands of fans at music festivals in Barcelona. He and his music have been... More >>

  • Future Hop

    published March 15, 2007

    Just when electroclash was becoming a punch line and dance music threatened to turn moribund again, along came Ed Banger Records to give it... More >>

  • Get It Started

    published March 15, 2007

    Okay, so Winter Music Conference might not start officially until Tuesday. But Miami will make any excuse to party a little bit extra. And if... More >>

  • The El Word

    published March 15, 2007

    The sophomore album by hip-hop artist El-P portrays a world plagued by war and malevolent technology. Cities are burning under the noses of... More >>

  • Arielle Castillo

    He's a Believer

    published February 15, 2007

    "I hope you crash your momma's car," Rhett Miller sang back in 1994. "I hope you pass out in some bar/I hope you catch some kinda... More >>

  • Bobby McFerrin and Voicestra

    published February 8, 2007

    Bobby McFerrin and Voicestra One-hit wonders, by definition, have a lyrical or instrumental gimmick,... More >>

  • Mr. Lif

    published February 1, 2007

    Lots of rappers boast about surviving trials by fire. Mr. Lif knows whereof he boasts. Late last year, a tour bus carrying him, the Coup, DJ Big... More >>

  • Cage with C-Chan and the Govone

    published January 25, 2007

    Critics have taken to calling the music of New York MC Cage "horrorcore." And the guy does kinda have a thing about death. His recent... More >>

  • Shiny, Happy People

    published January 25, 2007

    For almost sixteen years now, James McNew has been commuting from Brooklyn to Hoboken, New Jersey, to spend hours on end, at least four or five... More >>

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