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  • Underground Rising

    published November 22, 2007

    Following recent under-the-radar performances by legendary (if slept-on) MCs like Jeru the Damaja, PS 14 continues to bring the realness for... More >>

  • DJ Khaled's Annual Birthday Bash TONIGHT

    published Nov 19, 2007

    Some people love DJ Khaled. The brash Palestinian-American DJ represents Miami to the fullest in whatever he does. He’s worked alongside some of our city’s grimiest, grittiest, most talented rap... More >>

  • Interview: Laurent Garnier

    published Nov 13, 2007

    Laurent Garnier is one of the world’s most celebrated house and techno DJs, but also one of the most elusive. French by birth, it was in late-Eighties Manchester, England that Garnier first hear... More >>

  • Elvis Found Alive ... at the Elks Lodge

    published Nov 13, 2007

    I walked into the Miami Elks Lodge 948 (10301 SW 72nd St., Miami) ballroom last Saturday night, amidst a sea of silver hair, and the scent of ultra-sweet perfume. The song “Blue Velvet” blared a... More >>

  • Another Lost & Found

    published Nov 13, 2007

    Here's another local music mystery... A reader writes: "Hi, I'm trying to figure out the name of a local progressive band from the late 90s, (1997-2000). I know they were signed to a major label, and... More >>

  • Album Reviews: Booka Shade, Henrik Schwartz, Ricardo Villalobos

    published Nov 12, 2007

    Booka Shade: DJ Kicks (!K7) Henrik Schwartz: Live (!K7) Ricardo Villalobos: Fabric 36 (Fabric) It used to be so easy for DJs. Refine a set over a couple of years, license the necessary tracks, mi... More >>


    published Nov 08, 2007

    The Morrissey concert originally scheduled for tonight at the Fillmore Miami Beach is officially cancelled. No official word on why, or whether or not it will be rescheduled. Refunds at point of pur... More >>

  • Muscles

    published November 8, 2007

    It's difficult to know when — or if — the Australian one-man dance act known as Muscles is being serious. Live, ensconced behind a... More >>

  • Scary Kids Scaring Kids

    published November 8, 2007

    The name Scary Kids Scaring Kids is only partially accurate. They're really more cute than scary. They definitely are young, though. The sextet... More >>

  • Flatfoot 56

    published November 8, 2007

    Shane McGowan would be proud: Irish-inflected punk is alive and kicking with booted feet. The latest heirs to the royal court currently led by... More >>

  • Morrissey

    published November 8, 2007

    No matter how much he shuns the public eye, no matter how many times he threatens to disappear, no matter how tired he might seem, Morrissey... More >>

  • Live Transmission

    published November 8, 2007

    It's a good month for Joy Division fans to maybe think about trying to smile. Sure, the confusing multiple release dates for Control,... More >>

  • Sex and the Single Pumpkin

    published November 8, 2007

    There he is: a guy in a chicken suit, flailing around in a pseudo-mock mosh pit on the rain-slick concrete floor of Churchill's back patio... More >>

  • SoFla Does CMJ

    published November 1, 2007

    For a second, there's a relative quiet at the Gramercy Theatre. Onstage at this swanky rock theater on Manhattan's East Side are the South... More >>

  • Interview: Pepper

    published Oct 31, 2007

    The Hawaii-born trio Pepper is based in Southern California, played this year’s Warped Tour, and mix in Jamaican rhythms with a little punk rock ‘tude. But don’t call ‘em any variation of s-... More >>

  • Habana Abierta this Weekend!

    published Oct 30, 2007

    If you plan on going to Sleepless Night this Saturday, make sure you head to Collins and 21st around 1:00 a.m. That's when Habana Abierta, the Cuban supergroup - by way of Madrid - will rock the bea... More >>

  • Last Night: Lil' Blaze and Yungen at Cameo

    published Oct 30, 2007

    Last Night: G Records Presents Lil’ Blaze & Yungen Monday, October 29, 2007 Vice at the Cameo, Miami Beach Better Than: Watching reruns of I Love New York 2 on VH1. OK … so maybe it’s not a... More >>

  • Tommy Lee and DJ Aero: Full Q&A

    published Oct 26, 2007

    This week, I wrote about Tommy Lee and DJ Aero’s tag-team DJ/live remixing project in my column, Suicide Blonde. (Click here to read it and get background info). A lot of stuff got cut out necessa... More >>

  • Last Night: DJ I-Dee and Q-Bert at Studio A

    published Oct 25, 2007

    DJ Qbert October 24th, 2007 Studio A, Miami Better Than: The fat lady singing on a gondola in Venice Q-Bert All photos by Eddie Rosenstock The Review: If you’re not familiar with Qbert, he is t... More >>

  • Tommy Lee's Back, and He Didn't Come to Rock

    published October 25, 2007

    When infamous Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee rolls into town Saturday night, he won't be here to check on Rok Bar, the currently... More >>

  • Today is officially HUMBERT DAY in the City of Hialeah!

    published Oct 23, 2007

    Just got an amazing press release from the guys of Humbert, the local band most associated with La Ciudad que Progresa -- Hialeah. If you've been to any local shows some time in the last 14 years, y... More >>

  • Hip-Hop Summit Wrap-Up

    published Oct 22, 2007

    Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget "Now go and get your money little Duffle Bag Boy ... cos I ain't ever ran from a nigga and I damn sho ain't bout to pick today to start runnin ..." Now where was Lil... More >>

  • Ferocious Feline

    published October 18, 2007

    The first thing you notice when meeting Chan Marshall, the songstress who performs under the moniker Cat Power, is that she is staggeringly... More >>

  • Jacob's Ladder

    published October 18, 2007

    The Miami Beach-based trio Jacob's Ladder knows that hard, relentless work is the backbone of an, errr, ascent to success. This Thursday marks... More >>

  • Music in 'Wristcutters: A Love Story'

    published Oct 11, 2007

    Last night, after checking out the grand opening of the Fillmore Miami Beach, I made the short walk down Lincoln Road to the Colony Theatre, to check out a screening put on by the awesome arts organ... More >>

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