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  • Reflect Loss

    published September 8, 2011

    Ten years ago this Sunday, Americans woke up to the terror of a World Trade Center in flames and a smoking Pentagon. A decade later, the... More >>

  • Abandon the Digital

    published September 22, 2011

    Allow us to introduce you to a little-known film genre called sharksploitation. One example is the 1976 drive-in classic Mako: The Jaws of... More >>

  • Eleven Best Things to Do This Weekend

    Eleven Best Things to Do This Weekend

    published Sep 30, 2011

    ​Florida Twi-hards, fans of Twilight currently salivating over the new Breaking Dawn trailer, will be pleased to know that our state has its very own vampires and werewolves. There's no reason to ge... More >>

  • Yo, Ho

    published September 15, 2011

    Pirates. Until a few years ago, we had only good associations with the salty thieves thanks to joy-filled rides on Disney’s Pirates of the... More >>

  • Weenie Hunt

    published September 15, 2011

    In 2009, a film crew asked visitors exiting the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art to name three female... More >>

  • The Grunge and the Restless

    published September 8, 2011

    In 1992, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder pulled Selene Vigil, lead singer of grunge band 7 Year Bitch, from the water after she drunkenly slipped off a... More >>

  • !Women Art Revolution Documents 40 Years of Feminist Art

    published Sep 23, 2011

    ​After conducting a penis count of major NYC art institutions in the '80s, activist group Guerilla Girls asked, Do ladies have to be naked to get into the Met? Only five percent of the exhibited art... More >>

  • Ten Best Things to Do This Weekend

    published Sep 23, 2011

    ​All together now, Miami: "La-di-da-di, we like to party. We don't cause trouble, we don't bother nobody." That's right, Slick Rick is the climax to another packed 305 weekend of concerts, film fest... More >>

  • Who Wants Free Tickets to House of Horror? Yeah You Do

    published Sep 21, 2011

    ​The billboards are up, so it must be true: the walking dead have taken over the parking lot at Miami International Mall. House of Horror, the month-long pop-up amusement park, opens its second run ... More >>

  • Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

    published September 8, 2011

    There's only one acceptable reason for bruises on your wife, daughter, or aunt, and that's roller derby. These indigo battle scars are unavoidable... More >>

  • Paradise Lost and Found

    published September 8, 2011

    On the second page of Birds of Paradise, Diana Abu-Jaber evokes local carpet salesman Don Bailey as that "thirty-foot naked man... More >>

  • Art Basel Expands Art Video Program to New World's Giant Outdoor Projection Wall

    published Sep 19, 2011

    ​As we creep into October, news of Art Basel Miami Beach, everyone's favorite Swiss art fair, is slowly rolling in. While it's clearly our favorite week of the year, we're aware that most Miamians f... More >>

  • Diana Abu-Jaber on Birds of Paradise and the Missing Ingredients in Miami's Literary Scene

    published Sep 16, 2011

    ​On the second page of Birds of Paradise, Diana Abu-Jaber evokes local carpet salesman Don Bailey as that "thirty-foot naked man reclining, selling God-knows-what." The novel, which is steeped in th... More >>

  • Eleven Best Things to Do This Weekend

    Eleven Best Things to Do This Weekend

    published Sep 16, 2011

    ​Feel that breeze? The relentless humidity has knocked down from torturous to somewhat muggy. We no longer have to wring our shirts out between exiting our cars and entering a building. And because ... More >>

  • Describe and Illuminate

    published September 1, 2011

    The past 30 years can be easily divided into pre-9/11 and post-9/11, but the terror-filled turning point is now a dulled, muted memory from ten... More >>

  • Author Chinua Achebe Clashes with 50 Cent Over Miami Dolphins Film, Things Fall Apart

    published Sep 14, 2011

    ​We're dismayed to learn that rapper-cum-actor 50 Cent is not up on his modern African literature. We had to read Chinua Achebe's 1958 novel Things Fall Apart in high school English. But it appears ... More >>

  • Attack of the Fashionistas

    published September 1, 2011

    Fashion's Night Out officially kicks off New York's Fashion Week. But in actuality, it was created to revive consumer habits in a sleepy... More >>

  • Tell Everyone

    published August 25, 2011

    On the anniversary of their first kiss, David Becks gets an email from his dead wife. Eight years earlier, while vacationing at a secluded... More >>

  • Ten Best Things to Do This Weekend

    Ten Best Things to Do This Weekend

    published Sep 09, 2011

    ​TGIF, right? Meh. The freaking rush of an upcoming weekend of leisure seems a little anticlimactic when reduced to a four-letter acronym. So allow us to break down the situation for you: we all spe... More >>

  • Arsht Center Accepting Experimental Performing Arts Proposals for Miami Made

    published Sep 08, 2011

    ​Hitting its five-year anniversary, the Arsht Center is clearly exceeding expectations. Not only is it not in the red, it's thriving with packed houses and rigorous programming. But still, some crit... More >>

  • Fumero's Two-Story Abuelo in Wynwood (Photos)

    published Sep 06, 2011

    ​We veered east of North Miami Avenue in Wynwood this week to track down street art in the few block towards the railroad tracks. Although it's not as wallpapered with paint as the blocks to the wes... More >>

  • Bait, Bed, and Switch

    published August 25, 2011

    That great romantic Jon Bon Jovi once said, "The only thing I like more than my wife is my money, and I'm not about to lose that to her and her... More >>

  • To Confuse and Offend

    published August 18, 2011

    When L’Age d’Or screened in 1930, crazed audience members threw ink at the screen and destroyed artworks by Salvador Dalí... More >>

  • Ten Best Things to Do This Long Weekend

    published Sep 02, 2011

    ​The reason you have Monday off is that President Cleveland needed to appease striking workers after six laborers were unjustly killed by his federal goons. Over the past century or so, Labor Day ha... More >>

  • Got Some Nerve

    published August 18, 2011

    We’re not shy about our love for the Museum of Contemporary Art’s annual showcase of video art, the Optic Nerve Film Festival.... More >>

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