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  • 24 years ago

    Various Artists Descarga boricua (Terrazo) The first time this grooved beyond my apartment window, everyone walking by danced all the way to the corner A senior citizens included. Producer FranFerrer has done a prime job packing into this double C...

  • 25 years ago

    Traditionally, thanks to an embargo between two sovereign nations, Cuban music floated across the Florida Straits by way of bootleg copies or, in the case of internationally recognized bands such as Irakere, through a third country. In the latter ...

  • 25 years ago

    Well, well, well -- it's finally happening! Is that a huge conga I see in the horizon? The murmur of a Latin jazz scene? Perhaps it's too soon to celebrate, but Miami is off to an auspicious beginning. In the past two months some of Latin jazz's m...

  • 25 years ago

    The flyers were saying "Potato," while we, of course, were saying "Patato" and wondering if there was more to this mistake than a typo. Do these people know who Patato is? Those who have had a dose of Latin jazz in the last 30 years know there is ...

  • 25 years ago

    The story behind this sound begins in late sixteenth-century Cuba, way back when the air was thick and wet and the verdant green reached for sky. Spaniards had arrived years before, establishing a colonial system, decimating the Siboney and Taino ...


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