You Need Rehab

Eve Interrupted is the women-who-love-women collective that has brought to Miami primo art events that showcase and embrace the lesbian community. The organization is like everyone’s dream girl -- smart, fun, sexy, and unafraid of putting her foot in your ass. Past parties have been called Toxic, Crash, and Juicy, but tonight at PS 14 it’s Rehab: art, fashion, and music dedicated to the Kate Moss, Amy Winehouse, and Britney Spears in all of us.

“I like to poke fun at current issues, and you can’t escape what’s going on with these celebrities. It’s a real thing, and a lot of people are going through some kind of addiction, whether it’s current or in the past, so I’m bringing it to your face and bringing it to light,” says Eve Interrupted’s president, Lisette Barros, “and of course at the same time making fun of the celebrities, because I don’t think they have actual respect for the rehab process. I thought it was ridiculous, so I wanted to make fun of that.” If you’re over 18 and have seven bucks to spare, you’re welcome to enter rehab. It begins at 10:00 and continues until you’re cured.
Sat., Oct. 20, 2007


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