You and the Little Mermaid

For nearly a decade Pablo Cano’s lavish marionette productions at the Museum of Contemporary Art have left adult eyes glued to the stage and pint-size patrons bouncing in their seats like giddy jumping beans. The inventive wizard weaves a spell on his audiences by creating fantastic puppets from refuse salvaged from dumpsters, or odds and ends squirreled from thrift stores that end up starring in his whimsical tales.

Opening today at 2:00, “City Beneath the Sea,” Cano’s ninth annual project commissioned by MoCA, transports viewers hundreds of feet below the ocean’s surface to a magical world where a young girl struggles to free an aquatic metropolis from the powers of evil. Some of the production’s enchanting characters include the good-natured Princess Tula, whose head Cano fashioned from a plastic outdoor lamp. He used plastic dishes and trays accented by cigarette foil to create the aristocratic Queen Coral. Otto, the wise king, is an octopus made from an old cracker tin, gold placemats, and gemstone-encrusted toy snakes. Go on Cano’s voyage through December 23. Tickets cost $15 for adults, $3 for children under twelve. Seating is limited, and advance reservations and payment are required. Call 305-893-6211, or visit
Tuesdays-Sundays. Starts: Oct. 28. Continues through Dec. 23


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