Yell at Dr. Strange

Just days after Halloween, witness a quiet, threatening beast that has struck fear in the hearts of millions: the wild artist. ​The Cabinet of Dr. Strange is an art installation and performance created by Livio Tragtenberg, a Brazilian composer and Guggenheim Foundation Fellow. It will be at Lincoln Road and Washington for Miami Beach's Sleepless Night on November 5. Tragtenberg will sit in a cage playing an "extinct animal," a composer, trapped in an urban, modern world. He extends an open portal to passersby, a microphone hanging from the side of his cage. Bystanders are free to speak, sing, or scream whatever they wish. The "animal" then immediately reinterprets the sounds with digital equipment inside the cage. Some brave audience participants are even invited inside the beast's cage, where he offers to help solve their "sound problems."
Sat., Nov. 5, 6 p.m., 2011


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