Writin' La Vida Loca

If Ricky Martin were writing a book, what would it be about? The life of Thomas Merton? Nah. It’d be about himself, of course. The title of Martin’s autobiography, Me , is eerily reminiscent of Bill Clinton’s My Life and Hitler’s Mein Kampf. But considering Martin’s gyrating, low-rise, studded jeans, it’s safe to assume his story will be very different from those of the other megalomaniac, part-time scribes. The recently out-of-the-closet father of two might not be able to tell you as much about how “She Bangs” as about “Livin’ La Vida Loca,” but really, nobody knows the troubles he’s seen until they’ve read Me. The book explores Martin’s earliest memories, his life in Menudo at the wee age of 12, his decision to become a papa, and about finally admitting he’s gay. Meet one of the 50 most beautiful folks in the world (according to People magazine) at Books & Books.
Sat., Nov. 6, 4 p.m., 2010


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