Word Fever
Mike Gorman

Word Fever

SAT 4/24

Fifteen of Miami's most dynamic street poets face off today, battling in a word-slinging competition for the title of Urban Poet Laureate for South Florida and a $500 prize. Each of the poets competing today is a winner of Lip Tongue Ear Productions' monthly poetry slam contests, which bring out fresh minds to bookstores and cafes throughout the area. Once they open their notebooks and grab the microphone, the poets will undoubtedly let loose a torrent of passionate observations about city life in the modern world. Love, sex, politics, and culture are all sure to be addressed by some of South Florida's most creative and perceptive minds. Hot words fly at noon at the Miami-Dade Main Library, 101 W. Flagler St. Admission is free. Call 305-469-1157. -- By Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Vocal Ease

Musician offers a relaxed chat

FRI 4/23

Cuban croonstress Olga Guillot is one of the last of the great divas. In this case diva doesn't carry the connotation of an artist with a powerful voice and a horrible attitude, making outlandish demands and throwing tantrums at the least provocation. Guillot is a classy diva, a respected vocalist who has enjoyed a long and illustrious musical career, releasing more than 50 albums and starring in 16 movies. Referred to as the Queen of the Bolero for her mastery of the romantic Latin song style, Guillot will bare her soul and maybe offer a tune or two at 8:00 tonight during the latest installment of musicologist, radio host, and Radio Martí programmer Francisco Ojeda's long-running series, The Music in Person, at the Centro Cultural Español, 800 Douglas Rd., Coral Gables. Admission is free. Call 305-448-9677. -- By Nina Korman

Trans Beat

SAT 4/24

You may know him from the seminal Latin altrock group Mano Negra, or for that funny little ditty, "Bongo Bong." But one thing the Spanish-Parisian worldbeat maverick Manu Chao is known for is a singular style that crosses boundaries while uniting them. That's why he's considered a sort of multiculti Bob Marley, singing songs for the oppressed, in several languages -- often within the same tune. As part of Rhythm Foundation's TransAtlantic Festival, the Emmy Award-winning documentary Clandestino: Manu Chao explores his life and music starting 7:30 p.m. at Teatro Avante, 230 Alcazar Ave., Coral Gables. Admission is free. Call 305-672-5202. -- By John Anderson


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