Wonderful Watercraft

On any given day, the waters of Biscayne Bay are speckled with sleek luxury yachts and fishing boats, but on Saturday, if you look out into the glittering blue, you’ll see a different type of vessel. No, those aren’t psychedelic kayaks. Covered in vibrant colors fashioned into intricate patterns, they are Hong Kong-style dragon boats. Twenty paddlers, one drummer, and a helmsman will man the crafts. The fifth annual Miami Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival will sail in a 2,000-year-old tradition that the speed-loving sportsman in you will surely appreciate.

Call 305-636-0902 or visit www.miamidragon.com to join a team. There’s no experience necessary, but don’t worry, newbie — all teams are given two pre-race practice sessions. And if you’re more of a spectator, join the thousands of race lovers at 777 Brickell Ave. in Miami and stand on the banks to watch the boats race down 250- and 500-meter raceways in hot pursuit of cash prizes up to $1,500.
Sat., May 31, 2008


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