Why Miami Christmas Is the Worst Christmas

It's 85 degrees outside. The sun won't stop shining. You can't wear anything heavier than a sleeveless tee, and you're sweating balls, as usual.

For folks in the Northeast, this might sound like a little piece of paradise. For many in South Florida, however, this shit is getting old. How the hell can you celebrate Christmas when the temperature refuses to dip below 80?

The incessantly warm weather is just one of the many reasons the 305 might be the world's worst place to celebrate Christmas. The full list is after the jump.

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10. The heat. No, we're not talking about the team.

It's so. Damn. Hot. The heat and humidity are never going to end. It's barely cooled off at all this year, and Christmas is right around the corner. It's hard to sing "White Christmas" when sweat is dripping down your back. If nothing else, at least you can turn your A/C up to force a faux chill.

Why Miami Christmas Is the Worst Christmas
Photo by Liliana Mora

9. Naughty folks.

There are so many South Floridians bound to make the naughty list, we're pretty sure Santa crossed Miami off his list a long, long time ago.

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