Where’s Your ’Stache?

What liquid increased Superman’s strength, Shadowcat’s phasing ability, and The Flash’s speed? Okay, there is no actual evidence that milk enhances physical abilities to a superherolike level, but give scientists time. New findings suggest that when ordinary humans drink milk, it assists in rebuilding muscle, helps fight cavities, and reduces the symptoms of PMS. Now the Got Milk? Mustache Mobile Tour returns to Miami in search of the city’s chief health officer — i.e., an inflated title for the mom who’s always forcing, um, encouraging her family to drink milk and eat healthily.

Contestants can take milk mustache photos, have a chance to win their very own Milk Mustache ad as well as a year supply of milk, and sign up for a sweepstakes worth $100,000. Sunday from noon to 2 p.m., the tour stops at Wal-Mart.
Sun., May 11, 2008


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