Where the Wild Things Are

When you travel through the fabric tent at the door of Locust Projects, you enter a world of childlike neuroses and wonder. There are fire-breathing T-rex, docile sheep and goats made from wire and fur, dream sequence video art, and larger-than-life fabric foliage. Through the end of August, “The LAB” is a collaborative show of nine Miami high school students under the direction of one-half of the TM Sisters, Monica Lopez de Victoria. She guided the youngsters through the challenge of collaborating and says the idea for the show in hinged on that iconic fabric tent tunnel. “Basically, they’re coming out of this secluded, very personal, special place, and they’re coming out into the wilderness into who knows what. So they have some beautiful parts, and some humorous things, and then some weird and strange stuff.”
Thursdays-Saturdays. Starts: July 10. Continues through July 31, 2010


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