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In most of the Western world, Sesame Street is more than a mere children’s television show. It’s a cultural landmark, complete with universal lessons, familiar songs, and beloved celebrities. Bob, Maria, and Gordon take a back seat to cuddly icons like Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Grover, and Elmo. The amazing documentary The World According to Sesame Street teaches that not all of the world’s children are learning to love the same fuzzy creatures, nor are they learning the same lessons. “Sesame Street breaks down the barriers of literacy throughout the world, in compliance with different countries. These kids might have to work at a much younger age; they might have to deal with war or, for example, AIDS in South Africa,” explains Melba Gasque, Hands On Miami’s Citizen Academy director. To explain that complex issue, the show’s creators set to work on an adorable Muppet whose mother suffered from the disease. Owing to the sometimes gritty and honest subject nature, tonight’s Florida premiere screening is brought to you by the letters PG and the number 13. The film kicks off the season premiere of the Independent Lens series at the Miami Beach Cinematheque. Admission is free. Call 305-673-4567, or visit www.mbcinema.com.
Fri., Sept. 15


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