Where My Hose At?

Cast your memory back to college, and if you try hard enough, you just might remember: Ah, that first frat house foam party. How sweet it was to shotgun Natty Ice and grind on hotties on a dance floor covered in cool foam. Never mind that your cute outfit was totally ruined and that thrilling hookup turned out to be an embarrassing one-night stand; the evening is etched in your memory as a magical event the likes of which are never to be experienced again. Wrong! Relive those college daze with a Caribbean twist at the third annual Wet Fete at Bayside Hut.

“One room will be totally foam, and that’s the sexy part of the event,” says party master Marlon, of the Trini South Boyz crew. Water guns will drench the crowd, and there will be lots of other ways to get your waterlogged celebration on, thanks to soca performers like Iwer George, Edin Yearwood, Benjai, and Bomani. The outdoors will be sodden, but we’re sure you can find a comfortable nook to stay dry in the club’s cavernous interior, if you look hard enough.
Tue., July 3


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