Where Are Dubya's Miami Balls?

The official White House Christmas tree this year is festooned with ornaments from more than 369 artists chosen by senators and representatives. Conspicuously absent are any ornaments selected by our local dream team of Cuban-American Republicans. Did they not get the memo? Even disgraced sex fiend Tim Mahoney participated. Certainly we have enough talent in town to make some balls; whether they'd want them on Bush's Christmas tree is another question.

Assuredly one of them would have called up, yawn, Britto, but could you imagine a TM Sisters TM-Mas?  Or the GisMo girls giving Bush a very special present? A happy LEBO holidays? Friends with You is practically a natural for this kind of thing. The Diaz-Balarts have some artist uncle who used to hang out with Warhol; he could have helped them pick something cool.

We suppose if Debbie Wasserman Schultz (that's her pick in the pic) couldn't choose a decent artist (no offense), there's really no hope Ileana Ros-Lehtinen would have.

-- Kyle Munzenrieder


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