Art Terrorist Kman
Art Terrorist Kman

When Art Attacks

According to Miami native Art Kendallman (not his real name), art is war. The performance artist is a one-man fighting force railing against the big business art concept the only way he knows -- through a visual assault on unsuspecting passersby. While Art Basel invites patrons to immerse themselves in a world of galleries and museums, the Kman aims to remind would-be collectors that while the art hangs inside these galleries, the artists die hungry on the streets.

"I'm not going to be marginalized by anyone. The Art Basel people come in and they take over the place. I'm saying, 'Hey, this is my native land.' A lot of my worst experiences have been with what I like to call the Art Dick-rectors. They sell out, and then they'll crush you if you get in their way," said Kendallman.

Kendallman's work consists of scale models of helicopters, planes, rocket ships or anything having to do with the notion of travel and movement. The thing to remember is that he is the art. So, instead of just producing it, he lives it. It would not be uncommon to spot this kooky man dressed as a space alien in green tights or cruising down South Beach on a bicycle fitted to look like an F-16 fighter jet. During Art Basel, patrons can spot the Kman on Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to noon, as he makes the rounds to all the galleries in the Design District. Friday, he will be strolling through Collins Park between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. Saturday, look toward the water: Kendallman retrofits a canoe to look like a war boat strapped with missiles. He plans to make his way from Biscayne Bay to the Miami Beach Convention Center.


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