Wheel Women

Your weekend needs a little girl-on-girl action. Not that kind, pervert. We’re talking about local bad-ass bitches booty-blocking and blazing trails on the rink. These girls are looking good and breaking nails, because these derby dames are in it to win it. Cheer on the home team and represent for the strong women of the 305 when Miami’s Vice City Rollers take on the Sintral Florida Derby Demons this Saturday. Show support as they return to their home turf at the Suniland Roller Hockey Rink (9300 Coral Reef Dr., Miami) for another win. They buried the Bradentucky Bombers in their season opener with an impressive final score of 166-115. With your applause behind them, they’ll body-check those Sintral slackers back to the Mickey Mouse hole from whence they came.
Sat., March 2, 6 p.m., 2013


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