What Is He Smoking?

Hallelujah! Finally a local wing-nut has put together a multimedia art exhibit based on conspiracy theories and paranoia. Artist Victor-Hugo Vaca is showing “Crackhead Jesus Is Coming” at The Fifth. “People have been contacting me and giving me true information that the media will not report,” Vaca explains via phone. “I put the Matrix, the Holy Bible, and Fight Club into a blender, creating a parody of the United States justice system. I paint in a Salvador Dali style with clues hidden inside the paintings.” Alrighty, then.

Vaca added additional context for his visual spectacular. “The exhibit is based on true events that are actually happening in South Florida. The vice president of a marketing company smoked some crack and stood on his desk, declaring he was the Messiah. They fired him, and that created a huge litigation vortex for me. I hired a Jewish attorney to evict this guy; he was renting a home from me on Pompano Beach,” Vaca insists. Hmmm. The “Crackhead Jesus Experience” begins tonight at 10. If you need more information, call 305-538-9898 or visit www.victorhugogallery.com.
Sat., Dec. 8, 10 p.m., 2007


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