We’re Drawn to it

In this quirky melting pot of a city, we’ve got a film festival for practically every nationality. Trust us, we’ve covered them all. Underground and mainstream, short and long form, documentary and foreign, gender-focused, theme-focused, or sometimes just unfocused -- there’s enough film fest action to satisfy even the most diehard cineaste. But what about a big-screen bonanza for the fanciful, the strange, the whimsical, and the young at heart? Finally there’s something for you too: the South Beach International Animation Festival. Woo-hoo!

Anyone familiar with contemporary animation in its spectacular range knows you can’t trot the kiddies out to just anything being screened -- cartoons can be as safe and snoozeworthy as Arthur, as raunchy and deviant as South Park, or as trippy as Aeon Flux. This four-day festival includes a number of adult and artsy toons, and it begins tonight at 8:30 with a screening of international and art-house animation at the Miami Beach Cinematheque, 512 Española Way, Miami Beach. Tickets cost $10. Visit www.southbeachanimationfest.com for a complete schedule of toonage.
April 3-6, 2008


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