Welcome Back, Locos!

Even though Miami’s famous Latin ska fusion band Locos por Juana has recently been struttin’ and skankin’ across big stages from here to L.A., the group hasn’t forgotten its deep underground roots. Just a month after showcasing their latest album, La Verdad, at the Manuel Artime Theater in Little Havana for a special FUNDarte production, the boys will be back performing the same revved-up roots, rock, reggae, and other fused-out musical concoctions Friday night at Jazid — as a homecoming to the venue that put their multicultural music on the map.

As always, their sound is swift, spiritual, and superskadelic. Given the fact that the band has snagged a distribution deal with Universal Music, it’s difficult to imagine the Locos are really coming home to roost, so catch them while you can. Don’t miss special guest Stephanie, a singer-songwriter, rapper, and pianist who will open at 10:30 for the Locos’ midnight appearance. Visit www.jazid.net and www.myspace.com/locosporjuanasound.
Fri., Sept. 19, 10:30 p.m., 2008


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