We Want Our Baby-Back

Country music and ribs are a combination as identifiably American as baseball and Cracker Jack, or apple pie and vanilla ice cream. The event organizers of Ribfest 2006 know the patriotic significance of their musical and culinary pairing, and this year’s event promises to sate even the best of the good ol’ boys. The Seventies rockers of Kansas will croon “Carry On Wayward Son” and Bill and Ted’s most excellent favorite, “Dust in the Wind.” The unwitting rap pioneers of the Charlie Daniels Band will bust out the fiddles for their cautionary parable “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” Even the children’s events have a decidedly country feel: buggy rides, hay rides, show bulls, and a NASCAR display with interactive games will all be part of the allure at this Jack Daniel’s-sponsored event. Perhaps 2007 will be the year when Southern hospitality will be extended to those who love Ludacris with their baby-backs, and salsa music con barbeque sauce. Until then, bring extra Wetnaps to the Homestead Air Reserve Park.
Fri., Nov. 3


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