We Like the Spin Cycle

Alcohol and girls in wet wifebeaters were once considered a frat boy's forte. But it's a new day, and Laundry Bar is celebrating a woman's desire to enjoy such things via the Naughty Girls party. Every Thursday night at 10:00, women who love women congregate at this South Beach club for drink specials, wet T-shirt contests, cash prizes, and more. DJ Kiki keeps the bad (as in good) girls acting mischievously with body-moving tribal beats, progressive house, Latin music, and the best of the Eighties. Fear not, ladies: If someone gets too excited by throngs of women in wet clothing and spills a little beer on your threads, there are plenty of washers and dryers available. (It is a laundry bar, after all.)
Thursdays, 10 p.m., 2006


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