We Don’t Need Mr. Clean

The sight of an empty Big Mac box here and a condom wrapper there might be acceptable in your bedroom after a night on the town, but multiply those two by a few hundred and you have a snapshot of the debris littering our once-immaculate beaches. And if you think the wayward trash uglies up our landscape, imagine the harm it’s doing to almighty Mother Earth. Don’t cry for her, Miami. Ready, set, clean up this crap! Today’s Big Sweep is an event where your competitive spirit can be put to good use.

Local organizations and concerned citizens alike will compete to see who can pick up the most garbage on the section of beach between Government Cut and 14th Street in Miami Beach. Registration begins at 8 a.m., and the actual race starts at 8:30. There will be prizes for the team that collects the largest amount of cigarette butts and a separate award for the team that picks up the most general trash, but everyone gets a chance to win a “You’re Awesome” jackpot. Remember to bring your sunscreen, but leave the plastic water bottles at home.
Sat., June 14, 2008


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