We Are All Prom Queens

You still have the hoop-skirted cotton-candy-pink dress and dried-out wrist corsage, along with the photo of you and the wrong guy smiling uncomfortably beneath a canopy of metallic balloons and streamers. They say you can’t go back, but tonight you will finally have a second chance to go to the dance with your dream date at the Pridelines Adult Prom at the JW Marriott Hotel. Pridelines Youth Service is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support and information to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth in South Florida. For eleven consecutive years Pridelines has hosted a GLBTQ youth prom for teens, but now it is time for you adults to bust those pastel tuxedos and organza confections out of the closet and dance with the girl or boy you dig the most. Whether you graduated in the Fifties or the Eighties, all ages are welcome to attend the prom with “a definitely gay twist.” A cocktail reception begins at 7:00, which means you won’t have to chug wine coolers in the back seat of your boyfriend’s bitchin’ Camaro before stumbling into the crepe-paper wonderland. Dinner and awkward dancing begin at 8:00. Tickets cost $125, and all proceeds are tax deductible. Call 305-490-5491, or visit www.pridelines.org/adultprom for tickets.
Sat., Sept. 16


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