We All Scream para Helados

When the sticky summer rolls around, like clockwork you reach for a sugar cone filled with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Sure the creamy goodness of such a simple indulgence is soothing to the tongue, but let’s be real: Your taste buds are craving more in the flavor department. If you were in Japan and feeling adventuresome, you could choose from among goat, wasabi, squid, and Viagra ice creams. But chic Mexican eatery Rosa Mexicano is offering flavors that are just as outside the box, yet a bit more tasty-sounding, to fill your waffle cone. As part of the annual Festival de Helados/Ice Cream Festival, exotic ice cream and sorbet flavors from Mexico will take center stage on an already awesome menu.

Chia con Limón sorbet uses the Mexican seed that you know from Chia Pet fame but will love for the fact that it’s chock full of Omega-3 and antioxidants. The Chocolate Oaxaqueño — with rum, raisins, and almonds — is a twist on your typical grocery store rum raisin. We won’t be able to resist the Besos — coconut meringue cookies filled with mango rum ice cream. Let the treats trickle down your arm through July 20. Call 786-425-1001, or visit www.rosamexicano.com to see the entire menu.
Sun., July 20, 2008


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