Way Cooler than Cookie Monsters

If you're sick of the usual SoBe dress code of Ed Hardy and skintight hooker ball gowns, the Fashion Monsters party aims to bring the style back to nightlife. Having developed a reputation in D.C. for high-energy, fashion-forward nightlife extravaganzas, now it's Miami's turn. The dress code is not mandatory by any means, but it's been proven that those who follow the theme seem to enjoy themselves more than those reluctant. This is NOT a costume party; Rather it's a place where South Florida trendsetters get to step their 'attire-game' up by cleverly piecing together an ensemble based on the given theme. December 12th marks the inaugural Fashion Monster Party with the theme being: POLKADOTS, PUMPS, PASTEL, PAISLEY, PINSTRIPES, POLO (Ralph Lauren Only) & PLAID. Attendees can pick one of the "P's" or a combination of them when determining what to wear. Anyone who follows the theme will be offered OPEN BAR at the party and be deemed the FLYEST or the FRESHEST partygoer in Miami for that month.
Sat., Dec. 12, 2009


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