Video still from "I Am Your Grandma."
Video still from "I Am Your Grandma."

Watch Jillian Mayer's Viral Freak-Out I Am Your Grandma (Video)

Damn you, Jillian Mayer. Your Borscht Film Festival entry, I Am Your Grandma, still has us talking. In fact, we already know it word for word. We seriously think you should consider becoming a musical performer. It worked for M.I.A.

If you haven't seen Mayer's I Am Your Grandma, you are missing out on the best Miami viral video since the Chonga Girls flipped Fergie's "Fergalicious." The video started out as a piece in Mayer's exhibit, "Family Matters," at David Castillo Gallery. But after receiving universal praise at Borscht, she's probably realized that the odd video diary to her future grandchild cannot be contained within gallery walls or a film festival. The average person needs to see this!

Its viral potential seems high, as Barstool Sports is already asking "Could You Fuck the 'I Am Your Grandma' Chick in Costume?" So here is Mayer sending us all love by video after the jump.

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