Wallet Wars

Aside from pitching a tent outside Government Center for Occupy Miami, there’s another way to boost the 99 percent’s economic standing without getting roughed up by cops. Buy handmade. Every time you throw down some green at a big-box store, the employees continue to endure minimum wage while some fat cat upstairs gets plumper with profit. At Saturday’s Craft Carnival, cut out the middleman by buying one-of-a-kind, handmade goods directly from the artisan who creates them. Sponsored in part by Etsy.com, the fair hosts nearly 40 vendors at the Miami Elks Lodge. The South Florida artists and crafters include Shelley Faye, who sells Day of the Dead dolls and mustached cyclops plushies. From the Fine Print Shoppe, look for screen-printed tees such as the gator-themed “Florida Bites.” UniqueLee-Yours creates handmade, custom leather and faux-leather earrings. Our Lady of Perpetual Pickles will have jars of sour crunchy spears. And Valentina creates original, intricate art from exotic flora and fauna. There will also be raffles, DIY tables, and free swag bags for the first 100 people.
Sat., Nov. 5, noon, 2011


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