Wake Up!

Board Up Miami, South Florida’s premiere wakeboarding festival, kicks off today and in case the only boards on your radar are the type that surf or skate; here are a few important facts about wakeboarding.
1. It’s nothing like waterboarding – H2O will make its way into your mouth, but it’ll be thrown by the boat you’re following, not some 19 year old Army reservist from Nebraska.
2. The Ollie Backside 180 is a trick, not the view into your elderly neighbor’s window.
3. If someone calls you “goofy”, it means that you ride the board with your right foot forward and has nothing at all to do with your affinity for slapstick humor.

From Thursday to Saturday, amateurs will rock out on the waves against the pros, the 4,000 square foot street skateboarding course will bee teeming with four-wheeled dudes, and of course girls in bikinis will be milling around the entire time. Visit boardup.net for information and a schedule of the weekend’s events.
April 23-25, 2009


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