Vodou Vibrations

As most Miamians know, vodou isn’t a religion exactly. It’s more like a code used by slaves and ex-slaves in Haiti to Africanize the Anglo crap that has been shoved down their throats. With trance-inducing, resonant, traditional drums leading the call, Erol Josué sings in tongues – lyrics are a parochial luxury for his people -- and language doesn’t matter as far as his musical power goes. Listeners of all faiths and lingoes will find in his roots-locked grooves and many-voices harmonies a complete and nearly metaphysical zombiefication.

Josué, the “prince [or Prince] of Haitian roots music,” is, in real life, a houngan (priest) who performs ceremonies and lectures at big-name colleges. After four years of recording, Josué has now made his debut on CD with Regléman, a pop-infused vodou-music manifesto you can dance to. What has become a week of concerts celebrating the new CD will continue tonight (the “official” release) at Sheba Restaurant, 4029 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Call 305-573-1819 for showtimes and ticket prices.
Sun., June 3


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