Viva Arte!

Visitors to this year’s ArteAmericas can expect edgy works dealing with brutality, says Emilio Callejo, the art fair’s vice president. “One of our exhibits focuses on the violence that follows civic activism in countries like Nicaragua, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador,” he says. “We will have an installation featuring bed sheets used by El Salvador’s Mara Salvatrucha street gang, Sandinista posters, an artist who has tattooed autopsy lines on his body in case he gets murdered, and other powerful works.” Organized by Miami curator and critic Janet Batet, the show represents 13 contemporary artists documenting the violence they encounter daily. Friday through Monday at the Miami Beach Convention Center, ArteAmericas will also showcase paintings, photographs, sculptures, drawings, mixed-media installations, and videos by more than 300 artists from across the United States and Latin America. Calleja says organizers anticipate record attendance and increased sales at this ninth annual edition. “We envision better sales for our galleries,” Calleja says. “The economy is improving, and Latin American art is getting higher exposure and gaining higher value.”
March 25-28, noon, 2011


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