VIP Card to the Art World

Imagine being handed a VIP card to every major circle of the art world. Then try to convince yourself whether or not you can withstand the pressure, the glamor, the expectation, the academia, and the absurd amounts of money being spent. Art historian and sociologist Sarah Thornton goes on safari in the contemporary art jungle with her widely acclaimed 2008 book, Seven Days in the Art World. Reading like a hybrid between US Magazine, The Great Gatsby, and Andy Warhol's party schedule, Thornton's work keenly observes all manners of contemporary art professionals in the style of a witty, often gossipy diarist. Intrigued? Read it this week and then show up for the Miami Art Museum book group, which discusses Seven Days in the Art World next Tuesday.
Tue., Sept. 28, 6:30 p.m., 2010


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