Drop the weapon and watch the show
Drop the weapon and watch the show

Vice Virtues

On any given night, people across the planet can follow the crime-busting antics of trend-setting detectives Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs. Incredibly, twenty years after the premiere of Miami Vice and its resulting headlock on pop culture, one can still witness sockless mooks in pastel sports jackets dodging the fashion police on Lincoln Road.

From 1984 to 1989, rough-edged Crockett and debonair Tubbs dispensed glam-sotted justice with a pulsing soundtrack and MTV flair. For 111 episodes they mowed down legions of blood-curdling crooks in unshaven haute-couture style, Miami scene-stealing every time. With then-daily headlines featuring nefarious drug lords, seedy politicians, sketchy money-laundering schemes, trigger-happy cowboys, and steamy tropical weather, all Hollywood had to do was throw Don Johnson, Philip Michael Thomas, and Elvis the alligator into the mix and the rest is history.

Macking Ferrari Testarossas and Scarab offshore powerboats, the testosterone-exuding pair inspired a generation of superstar-cop wannabes to dream of the police academy and bunched millions of thongs into knots. What endures as the series' allure? Arguably the biggest star of the show: Miami.


The Miami Vice Convention

Alexander All-Suite Oceanfront Resort, 5225 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

opens at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, September 29, and runs through Sunday, October 3. See www.members.shaw.ca/mvconv04/ for admission details. Call 305-865-6500

Today hundreds of Vice-oriented websites and fan clubs keep Sonny and Rico's gumshoe and tinsel illusions alive. So it makes sense that from all corners of the globe, fans of Vice's sun-scorched noir, perhaps seeking a titillating brush with danger to accompany their piña coladas, will converge on our femme fatale of a city to celebrate the hit series at the twentieth anniversary Miami Vice Convention.

Eager to revel in seamy underworld nostalgia while Sheena Easton caterwauls in the background, or debate the finer points of larceny to the throbbing beat of Jan Hammer's Grammy award-winning theme song? Here's your chance to nail a big score or maybe just loiter by the pool with the judges and gunsels.


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