Vegas, Baby

Hello, Kitty:

I went to Vegas for the weekend and met a nice guy from Miami. My friends gave me shit about going out of town to meet someone from home, but I was just glad to meet someone. The problem is, he seems to be interested in making a superlong-term connection. We're only a couple of weeks in, and this guy has asked me to have his baby. We've been hanging out a lot, having sex a lot, and he's already sure he wants me to be the mother of his children. On one hand, I'm really taken aback by this. On the flip side, I'm 27 and honestly pretty ready to start a family, so I'm wondering if this guy's request is just fate playing itself out. He's not the love of my life, per se, but he is a great guy with a great career and many qualities I find appealing in a potential mate, so I'm wondering if I should just go ahead and take him up on his offer.

Sosoon A. Kidd


Magic Kitty, sex without a condom

Hey, Sosoon:

Do you mean his offer to start fucking you without a condom? Sure, take him up on that — if you're prepared to have a child with a stranger. Many guys sprint away from the whole "baby" conversation, so you might have a winner on your hands. Or a loser. Dude is straddling the fine line between living passionately in the moment and lying to women in order to get what he wants. You two might be ready to have kids, or this guy could just despise using condoms. If this were the era of free love, I'd say have the young'un. But, honey, we live in a time of STDs and creeps, and your guy sounds pretty shady to me. I get that you're ready to start a family, but you have to consider a few truths. Truth #1: You met him in Vegas. Truth #2: He's from Miami. Both cities rank high on the say-anything-to-get-some-ass-o-meter, and you have to admit that his considering you for the baby-mama slot might have stroked your ego a bit. So now you're willing to take off the rubber and let him hit your sweet spot raw. Obviously I don't know y'all and have no concept of how your relationship has played out to this point, but if you ask me (which you did), the only place I see this relationship heading is to the abortion clinic. Get some Yaz if you want to sex sans the jimmy. Meow.

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