Use Your Feet

Like Brangelina’s new baby, footvolley fuses the appeal of its parents and razzle-dazzles a crowd. The sport is catching on like wildfire. Spawned on Brazilian beaches from the mating of soccer and volleyball, footvolley combines the fancy footwork of soccer with the flyaway-hair, sand-in-the-crack excitement of beach volleyball. The red-hot game pits two teams of two players who attempt to get the ball over the net in three tries without laying their mitts on it; only their feet, heads, or torsos can be used, like in soccer. Displaying dizzying foot-eye coordination and acrobatic flair, the athletes score by grounding the ball on the opponents’ side of the court, volleyball style.

Today and Sunday, spectators can catch the eye-sizzling antics of Team USA’s Sergio Menezes and Francis Farberhoff during the Footvolley and Brazilian Fashion event at Nikki Beach from noon to 6:00 p.m. A Carolina Brasil fashion show featuring the latest in Brazilian swimwear promises to dose spectators with a savory taste of Copacabana during the steamy affair. Can you think of anything better than watching sweaty hunks in their ball-punishing sungas and bombshells sporting dental floss while sipping caipirinhas? Admission is free. Visit for details.
Sat., Sept. 2


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