Underneath It All

On the exterior, human beings are like snowflakes. None of us is completely like another; there are striking differences in the shade of our skin, the color of our eyes, the shape of our bodies. But strip away the epidermis, and the similarities begin to emerge. Deep down we’re all versions of the same miraculous creature. To fully appreciate human anatomy in its pared-down glory, you must see “Bodies ... The Exhibition,” a respectful revelation of preserved blood, muscle, and bone. The controversial exhibit is more than scientific show-and-tell; it’s a traveling artistic and medical phenomenon that has left visitors awestruck from New York to London. Finally South Floridians will have the opportunity to observe how beautiful and strange we really are inside. The exhibit makes its local debut today in a somewhat unusual venue, at the former Virgin Megastore in the Shops at Sunset Place. Tickets cost $22.50 for adults, $16.50 for children. Call 305-663-0873, or visit www.bodiestheexhibition.com.
Sept. 22-March 25


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