Unchained Melody, Eternal Dance

Giselle is a timeless ballet that has inspired audiences for nearly two centuries with its story of lost innocence and unrequited love. It’s the tale of a youthful servant girl who falls for a nobleman disguised as a peasant. She dies of the proverbial broken heart after learning of her beloved’s deceit and imminent nuptials; then, just as Patrick Swayze did in Ghost, she grand-jetés through the mystical and perilous world of the dead to reach her paramour. The Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami chose a wonderfully dramatic fairy tale to kick off its 2007 season. The stirring romance is directed by Pedro Pablo Peña and Magaly Suárez, and features guest Cuban prima ballerinas Lorena Feijoo and Alihaydée Carreño, and principal dancer Rolando Sarabia.
Sat., Feb. 10, 8 p.m.


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