’Twas the Day Before Christmas

Politicians, celebrities, even your mom is telling you to “go green.” The pressure to be environmentally correct is stress-inducing. So what do you do? You sit back, roll one up, throw some Snoop Dogg in the CD player, and go green the Bob Marley way. But then Mom calls and nudges, nudges, nudges, before hanging up. The real answer: a stress-reliever that even Al Gore would approve; a day at the Biltmore Spa.

The Winter Spa Specials probably help the environment because fewer greenbacks are used, and the fact that you’re more Zen-like has to be good, because you’ll be less inclined to go postal. Locals can bask in the delight of a $99 Swedish or aromatherapy massage, a $50 mango pedicure, or a refreshing European deep-cleansing facial. And when one of those nosy environmentalists asks what you’ve done for Mother Earth lately, tell ’em, “I went to the spa.” The offer is only available Monday through Friday and expires December 28 — that includes today and Christmas day, baby! Call 305-913-3187, and be sure to mention that you’re reserving your Winter spa treatment — otherwise you’ll be shelling out more than you planned.
Mondays-Fridays. Starts: Dec. 24. Continues through Dec. 28, 2007


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