Tutus, Tap Shoes, and Tangos

You’ve watched every episode of So You Think You Can Dance, bought leg warmers and tights, and somehow made it through Shall We Dance?, Step Up 2 the Streets, and Save the Last Dance. Now it’s time to put those moves to use, right? Well, before you try to re-create those televised twirls, you might want to see what truly seasoned dancers can do. Statewide, the pros are practicing pirouettes and plies in preparation for the 2008 Florida Dance Festival. The annual event attracts the most seasoned of Savion Glovers and Isadora Duncans for collaborations, workshops, and performances.

Kicking off the fest will be the Faculty Concert, featuring dancers of genres from hip-hop to flamenco to modern. Head to the New World Dance Theater no later than 8 p.m., and make sure you bring a crisp Alexander Hamilton for admission (that’s $10 for those of you who failed economics, $7 for students). Festivities continue through June 21. Visit www.floridadanceassociation.org, or give Bill Doolin (FDA’s interim director) a call at 305-547-1117.
June 11-21, 2008


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