Ballet up to the barre

TUE 9/6

You may think you can dance, but does your lithe body move with the grace of a prima ballerina? If you're ready to get serious about pliés, pirouettes, and arabesques, perhaps you could benefit from additional training in creative movement, jazz, and ballet. Don't put off pulling on that tutu any longer; the fall classes begin today at the Miami City Ballet School (2200 Liberty Ave., Miami Beach) for beginners (as young as age five) through preprofessionals. If you prefer to watch others dance rather than slip into a leotard yourself, performances begin in November. Call 305-929-7007, or visit www.miamicityballet.org. -- Lyssa Oberkreser

Real Roots Reggae

The many grooves of Moses

FRI 9/2

DJ Moses began his career back in New York City, obsessively collecting records when he was only twelve years old. He has amassed an amazing collection. "If you're looking for deep roots music, I have that. Whether it's old blues, American roots, or Afro-Brazilian roots, or reggae. I'm all about the music," he says. Moses's skills have taken him places that most music lovers only dream about -- like Jamaica, to play music at a special family tribute for late reggae legend Augustus Pablo. Tonight Moses will lead Rally Round the Roots, a monthly bashment at Naomi's Garden of the Poets (650 NW 71st St., Miami). Moses becomes positively giddy when describing the location. "It's a beautiful, lush, tropical paradise. It's got water fountains and a fire pit and amazing greenery and tables made of tree trunks," he gushes. Admission is ten dollars. Call 786-486-0671. You can listen to DJ Moses's weekly radio show at www.123radio.com. --Patrice ELizabeth Grell Yursik

Harry "Hellfire" Potter

FRI 9/2

Recently the Miami Comics issued a press release confirming and denying rumors that they have joined forces with the Pope against Harry Potter. Only time will tell if their stinging barbs and cutting remarks will have any more effect on the little wizard than the Vatican's elite Swiss Guards, but the comedians have been known to make Muggles double over with laughter. The troupe consists of Adrian Mesa, Carl Rimi, Al Jackson, Ronne "Real Deal" Kahlil, and Oni Perez. Their combined talents have graced shows all over the boob tube, including Saturday Night Live and programs on Comedy Central. No word as to whether they have received the keys to Narnia yet, but expect more "news" during their "press conference" tonight at the Miami Improv Comedy Club, 3390 Mary St., #182, Coconut Grove. Tickets cost $15. Showtimes are 8:30 and 10:45 p.m. Call 305-441-8200. -- Margaret Griffis


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