Turn the Tables on Poor Design

"Grab the china, honey!" Yes, dear. "And buff those forks before you bring them out here, the baby threw up all over them last Christmas." Yes, dear. The plastic forks are being buffed as we speak. "Thanks lover, and those plates?" Somebody ripped them. If this sounds like the pre-dinner conversation at your house, your table game is wack. Even if you serve Taco Bell chalupas for dinner every night, those crispy suckas deserve to lay on something nice. That means that your glassware, napkins, plates, silverware, and centerpiece need to be in the correct spot and fit for a (disco) queen.

Today at The Art of Table Decorating, check out over 30 examples of how your dining room would look if you actually had some class. Each will have a different theme interpreted by local designers, boutiques and Beauz Arts Members. And each will make you want to rush home and turn your own table topsyturvy.
March 20-22, 2009


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