Turn It Down a Notch

Soft rock. To some it’s an oxymoron. To others it’s the soundtrack to happiness. The Carpenters, Air Supply, Captain & Tennille -- their songs, as squishy and vanilla as Wonder Bread, were superpopular in the Seventies. The rock music umbrella has spread out quite a bit since the heyday of Carly Simon and Neil Sedaka; there’s room for everything from speed metal to emo. But still, those who would rather turn the amp up to 11 will probably wind up scratching their heads in confusion tonight at Churchill’s. Wednesday nights now belong to Raffa and Ranier’s weekly event, Can You Rock a Little Softer?

Instead of the venue’s typically ear-splitting fare, this musical showcase is blissfully mellow. It comes sandwiched with some open-mike action at the beginning and end, and features local and national troubadours in between. Tonight expect strummy sing-alongs from the likes of Jesse Jackson, Shawn Snyder, as well as Devin and Patty from Atomisk Records. Such low-key vibes go great with dinner, so come hungry -- this is also Churchill’s famous curry night. Doors open at 8:30, curry is served until 10:00, and admission is five bucks.
Wed., Aug. 22, 8:30 p.m.


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