Tune In, Turn On, Root Out

It's hard being a hippie. You claim to be about peace and love, but others see you as a self-righteous drug addict. Your groovy threads are a fashion faux pas, and the long hair isn't so much rebellious as it is a sign of your chronic (pun intended) unemployment. And don't get us started on that patchouli oil and the laissez-faire hygiene. If only there were a place where flower children could listen to some far-out jams ... Well, this weekend there is! Rusted Root, Pittsburgh's hippie jam band, will be performing at Revolution, so load up your VW van and head up to Broward.

You might have heard their jaunty hit song “Send Me on My Way” on the soundtracks to Matilda and Ice Age. Percussion is their bag, man. The African, Latin American, Middle Eastern, and Native American rhythms, underlying catchy pop songs, will put you into a sublime lava lamp trance. See ’em before your neo-hippie self becomes a yuppie sellout. Tickets cost $22. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.
Sun., March 23, 2008


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