Tune In, Turn On, Plug Out

When nine local hip-hop and rock artists band together to put on a showcase, it means Miami’s music scene is finally solidifying, or the summer heat has left these guys really, really bored. Either way, an event that includes Alucard, Fitzroy, and Nacho of the band Don Juan is worth skipping the new Harry Potter movie for. This unusual gathering of genres will take place at the Unplugged Miami showcase at the Wallflower Gallery at 8:00 p.m.

“The artists started organizing this together,” says Flash, Wallflower Gallery’s funk finder. “We’re trying to give them a venue to do what they want to do.” Besides a stage, there is little the gallery will need to give these artists, because most of the sets will be acoustic. According to Flash, some artists will perform as a band, and others will go solo, while combining both acoustic and electronic elements. One such performance will be Fitzroy, who over the past year has made a name for himself in Miami by hosting residencies at local venues and releasing a full-length hip-hop album.
Sat., July 14, 8 p.m.


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