Tumblr Brings Animated GIFs to Miami During Art Basel

Where would the Internet be without animated GIFs? We'd have no Bleeding Palm. No recaps of TV's best one-liners. No looping Ultra Music Festival dancers

But while the Internet is damn near flooded with GIFs galore, Art Basel has been sadly bereft since its inception in 2002.

But be sad no longer, fans of memes and adorable kittens and Honey Boo Boo. The mighty GIF is finally getting the art world recognition it deserves, thanks to an exhibit presented by Tumblr and Paddle8 during Art Basel this year. reports that Tumblr is now accepting submissions of GIFs from anyone on the Internet. Those chosen by Paddle8 curators will appear in a "physical, brick-and-mortar exhibition" during Basel week this year. The selection council includes REM's Michael Stipe and the sisters behind Rodarte, among others. And you'll be able to see more in an online exhibit at

Finally, an Art Basel event as lowbrow as we are. As arts and culture authorities here in Miami, may we humbly submit the following for inclusion?

Tumblr Brings Animated GIFs to Miami During Art Basel
Bleeding Palm

Visit to submit and browse others' submissions.

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