Since 1990, Karen Peterson and Dancers has challenged and enlightened audiences with inspirational dance numbers featuring performers with and without disabilities. This Thursday and Friday, the nonprofit troupe will continue impressing Miami’s dance-loving community with Grit, a show combining the troupe’s unique dance performance with thought-provoking and experimental multimedia. Grit, choreographed by Katrina Weaver and led by artistic director Karen Peterson, takes its inspiration from its title. The performance will focus on different meanings of the word “grit” and how those meanings relate to the natural world and the battle within it for power, preservation, control, and dominance. Six members of the troupe will be featured, as well as multimedia provided by experimental film artist Dinorah de Jesús Rodríguez. The performance will showcase what Karen Peterson and Dancers brings to Miami — a place that gives dancers of all abilities a chance to express themselves and act as role models for Miami’s disability community.
Thu., May 15, 8 p.m., 2014


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