Trot the Pounds Away

Hallmark would have you believe Thanksgiving is about sitting around a table with the ones you love and showing how much you appreciate them, but our tummies tell us that it is the day to unabashedly throw down on a few plates stacked high with food. We love you, Uncle Pete, but yams, stuffing, and green beans, oh my! Yes indeed, this Thursday is for the grubbin,’ but your meal doesn’t have to be followed by the sleepin.’ You can get off your booty, join the Turkey Trot, and clear some of that belly space up for seconds.

Each year, the kind souls at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida give the tired, the slothful, and the greedy the chance to participate in a family run around Tropical Park that will burn off those mounds of mac ’n’ cheese yearning to travel to your thighs. This year is your chance to stop hearing about it and join in. The 10K will reverse the fattening effects of 780 calories; the 5K will, of course, do half that, but either way, you’ll be on the move. Registration starts at five bucks for kids, $20 for adults.
Thu., Nov. 27, 2008


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