Toy With Me

There is an inexplicable force that drives men to collect toys. You might act perplexed when you walk into your male friend's bathroom and see a scuba-stealth Batman figurine in the corner of his tub, but where else is he supposed to put it? It belongs there. And in today's toy market of urban vinyl and Scion xB fake customization, where do the real collectors' items fit in? Toys worthy of an über-dorky Plexiglas display case and not the side of a tub. The answer lies in antiques, and this Sunday, you can 'tique your heart away at the 30th annual Miami Antique Toy Show at the InterContinental Hotel Airport West.

It's the only antique toy show in the South, so dealers from the Rust Belt and New England, as well as a host of international collectors, will make the trek down with Li'l Abner and Donald Duck merchandise in tow. Haggling is totally legit in this toyland, and no one will make fun of you. Promise.
Sun., Jan. 31, 2010


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