Touch the Sky

John Henry is known for making a big splash. The artist has earned international acclaim for his powerful steel sculptures that soar heavenward in bursts of color, majestically altering many a city’s skyline. But for his current exhibit, the sculptor has taken his biggest plunge of all. Henry’s behemoths are on view in an unprecedented seven-city Florida exhibition titled “Drawing in Space: The Peninsula Project,” featuring works that act as conceptual totems uniting our state.

This Saturday, Henry’s Je Souhaite, a monumental new work towering 80-feet high, is being installed in downtown Miami on the future site of Museum Park and Miami Art Museum. In addition, the Frost Art Museum, the Miami Beach Public Library, and Seth Jason Beitler Fine Arts will host exhibits during Art Basel featuring models, photographs, and drawings documenting how Henry turned the Sunshine State into a rollicking canvas for his amazing show.
Sat., Nov. 29, 2008


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